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Cleaning hard as White House welcomed the American president

According to CNN on 20/1 to come, when the world turned its attention to the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump, nearly 100 employees will have to run for the White House the time when only 6 hours to decorate and furnished to 132 room here to greet the new president.

At about 10:30 am 20/1, family, President Barack Obama will say goodbye to the White House, where they have worked closely for over 8 years. Shortly after President Obama family moved out, the White House staff will have to urgently prepare the entire White House preference and style of the new owners – the family Trump presidential election.

The cleaning staff will move furniture up Obama’s truck through the southern gardens out of the White House, while the truck carrying the belongings of Mr. Trump will run for the White House in the afternoon road vice versa.

During the cleaning staff busy place on, then in other areas of the White House, the staff must urgently prepare for the dining room. The chefs have to prepare snacks for the family before their new president sworn banquet on the evening of the same day.

Stephen Rochon, the management staff at the White House, said the rooms in the 2nd and 3rd floor of the White House which is a separate room for the presidential family can be redecorated. However, until the present time, President-elect Trump said he did not intend to redecorate the White House under his luxurious style. “It’s a very special place. I was there to work, not to redecorate, “Mr. Trump share news agency Tapper.

Previously, Mr. Trump also promised not to change the traditional architecture of the White House. President-elect also said that, after taking office, he will not live permanently in the White House, which has over the private residence in the Trump Tower in New York as well as the resort that his family owns.

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EA-18G – electronic warfare aircraft danger today

EA-18G – electronic warfare aircraft danger today

Russia confident of protecting steel belt based Tartous / Hmeymim

Cleaning hard as White House welcomed the American president
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Israel killed young women in the first trip abroad

Never abroad, so when a friend planned to Bosporus River to welcome the New Year, Leanne Nasser had wanted to go with them. However, her father has prevented this plan because of the security situation unrest in the city of Istanbul.

Not the consent of the father, Nasser asked her Leanne is Layal Masarweh intervention. Then, four young girls Israelis to hang Istanbul and New Year at the restaurant Reina, which has both a nightclub and where the incident a terrorist attack.

Several hours before the New Year to catch the moment, Leanne Nasser posted a picture on social networks Snapchat. Ms. Layal Masarweh said: “Father insisted she objected to the Turkish plan. He said that the situation in Istanbul too dangerous and it should not go there. However, she keeps insisting everything will be fine “.

Only a few tens of minutes after the time of transfer between the two years, terrorists have a gun attack on Reina nightclub, which left 39 people dead and dozens others injured. In the “bloodbath” this, Nasser missing, while her friends are found.

Immediately after learning of the attack, Nasser’s father was arrested for the earliest flights to Turkey. He is the hope of the family of a bonanza for Nasser. It was a moment many of them hope that perhaps only the young girl was injured and was lying in a hospital recovery area.

Then, when the whole family is gathered at the house in the town of Tira, Nasser’s father phoned from Turkey. He was not calm enough to confirm the relics of her daughter and has asked her to check out. Still heart-shaped ring, necklace or stone studded silver purse, Ms. Layal Masarweh realized souvenirs of their grandchildren.

“I will never forgive myself. I was expecting a miracle if it can safeguard or as a way to preserve life. Now it was too late,” she Layal Masarweh share.

Nasser, 18-year-old young girl from the town of Tiran, had big plans for the future after graduating from high school in June this year. After some time working in a dental office, she is saving to buy one car and want to study to become a dentist. However, the first foreign trip tragic first trip was also her last.

Israel killed young women in the first trip abroad
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Russia confident of protecting steel belt based Tartous / Hmeymim

Terrorism can not armed attack on the base Hmeymim

According to the Syrian News Agency SANA state 2/1 days, the naval base Tartous (Tartus) – Russian navy where previously opened a Logistics-Engineering station and be upgraded to the new naval base combat troops have been suicide bombings on Tuesday 01/01/2017.

According to Human Rights Organizations Monitoring Syria (SOHR – a non-governmental organization based in London-UK), said two suicide bombers attacked the base Tartous right time employees Syrian security are patrolling outside this port.

The witness said that, there were three explosions outside the base was caused by two suicide bombers above. The attack has left at least two Syrian soldiers were killed and many others wounded.

On 2/1, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti’s statement led a senior Russian officer said the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) can only carry out suicide attacks inside but they can not be outside the raid on the naval base in Tartus.

Thus, terrorists can not perform an ambush attack, they can only suicide attacks – attacks are difficult to prevent completely, not only with Russia and the United States or any country ever suffered similar attacks must admit.

Russian senior officer stressed, at the base of this strategy, Russia has implemented multi-tiered defense system by the system protection devices dedicated, combined with modern weapons and most elite soldiers, along with advanced reconnaissance equipment.

Russia to deploy more forces and means to protect military bases in Syria

Right from the early days of the war against IS in Syria, next to 2 battalions of Navy beat the Black Sea Fleet, Russia sent to Syria air defense systems S-400, S-300 and Pantsir -S systems Iskander ballistic missile or rocket-ship shore P. K-300P Bastion

However, these are fitted to protect the bases Hmeymim and Tartous against regular attacks, and the ability IS uses the aircraft or warships to attack the base but still probable the extremely low probability.

Direct To ensure this naval base attacks were not the IS forces, Russia has ordered a powerful weapon like the T-90 tanks, multiple-barreled rocket system Smerch BM-30, armored vehicles, heavy, but most importantly, reconnaissance systems protect several levels.

Currently, Russia is carrying out reconnaissance 3 layers around military bases, including unmanned aircraft and tactical reconnaissance helicopters; just observe protected grounds, just perform reconnaissance missions, the Air Force helped the country battle to control Syria.

In 3 layers, the first layer 2 and directly take on the task of protecting bases from attacks by military forces of the terrorist organization Islamic State, also mostly 3rd class is engaged battlefield reconnaissance, support Russian and Syrian troops in military operations.

3 layer protection reconnaissance Russian bases in Latakia

The first layer has the task of protecting the Russian military base in Syria, including airbases Hmeymim and Tartus naval base. This layer of defense reconnaissance observers tasked, collect information, help to prevent any risk of sudden armed attack by IS.

To ensure absolute safety for the base, Russia has equipped each unit base 4-6 defense reconnaissance aircraft class small unmanned Zala 421-08 (Strekoza – Dragonflies ), using the electric motor, no noise, reconnaissance range of about 30km.

The second layer is responsible for reconnaissance, detection of mobile targets IS, including 36 aircraft unmanned reconnaissance Yakovlev Pchela-1T class and Orlan -10 (same type RQ-7 Shadow of USA) operating at altitudes 2.500-3.600m, reconnaissance range of about 60km.

US Gen. Breedlove insisted that US satellites have photographed the reconnaissance aircraft Pchela-1T unmanned airport takeoff from Latakia to carry out surveillance operations in northern Syria. In addition, the US also found that both types of Dozor 600 (MQ-1B similar kind of America).

General Breedlove said that the unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the 2nd layer has wide coverage, is equipped with advanced reconnaissance equipment, especially the motion sensor, which detects pictures the rebels are moving from a distance of more than 700m.

Aircraft reconnaissance unmanned Russian Dozor 600 participating protect bases in Syria.

These aircraft have the ability to operate both day and night. Their specific task is to detect the base point for the rebels to only air force bombed, and detect the transfer operations forces, armed and terrorist IS militants opposition the bases.

The third layer of the reconnaissance squadron of attack helicopters, armed reconnaissance systems, modern target detection. This force includes 16 helicopters Mi-24PN, Mi-35M, Mi 8AMTSh, equipped with infrared sensors and fire control, with the ability to search and destroy targets.

3rd Class scouts are also supplement a full-sized reconnaissance aircraft and Il-20M reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214R advanced. These are reconnaissance aircraft of Russia’s most modern, equipped with broadband antennas, air surveillance radar, satellite communications equipment, …

In addition, there are reports that Russia was something to Syria a commander-plane airborne early warning Beriev A-50. This machine is also capable of air reconnaissance and ground, helping Russia early detection of military focus point, direction of the terrorist attacks.

With the multistage reconnaissance vehicles, multiple layers as above, can confirm that, IS can not organize attacks on the scale of the Russian military base in Syria’s Latakia which can only organizing terrorist attacks undermine designations mines or suicide bombers.

Russia confident of protecting steel belt based Tartous / Hmeymim
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EA-18G – electronic warfare aircraft danger today

18G Growler aircraft EA-US, manufactured by Boeing’s electronic warfare aircraft’s key US today. It is capable of electronic warfare EA-18G on very strong and diversified operation has dismantled enemy radar sites, but you can destroy the main station by missiles mounted on the EA-18G.

In real war in Iraq and Libya, the EA-18G show the strength of all the expectations when a few units can disable the electronic system of the enemy, even though it is out both phones are making waves in touch completely paralyzed.

18G Growler EA-90% share of the Super Hornet design, it uses the airframe, AESA radar and weapon systems such as storage management system AN / AYK-22. 20mm Vulcan cannons were removed from the nose to add to the electronic system (and other parts of the airframe, too), ALQ-218 is mounted at the top of the wing, in addition to the ALQ-99 machine the machine makes noise in the high frequency range and low frequencies.

jammers and the fuel tank was also added, although such, EA-18G will have a longer range and time overhead also increased.

EA-18G can be equipped with jammers 5 ALQ-99 tactical, add 2 missiles for self-defense AIM-120 AMRAAM, two anti-radiation missile high speed AGM-88 HARM.

EA-18G will also use jamming systems Remove INCANS, this system enables voice communication internally, while the information systems of enemy interference, a capability no EA-6B above.

The EA-18G will carry AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles for self-defense and two AGM-88 HARM missile, or AGM-88E AARGM (Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided) missiles to destroy enemy radar stations .

Boeing is still working on plans to upgrade the aircraft is extremely dangerous to a new level.

EA-18G – electronic warfare aircraft danger today
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