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S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer

S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer

According to a reliable source revealed to the technology page All About Windows Phone Galaxy S8 will be equipped with a new feature called Samsung Desktop Experience and is considered one of the features “hot” to increase the competitiveness of the products.

With this feature, the Galaxy S8 connection with the computer screen, keyboard and mouse, the smartphone will create a new work environment similar to the environment of a personal computer. In other words, Galaxy S8 will turn into a true personal computer to serve the work of the user.

interface image on the computer screen when connected to the Galaxy S8

This feature is similar Continuum features that Microsoft Windows platform equipped with 10 Mobile, which allows smartphones running the platform could turn into a Windows computer when connected to the screen, mouse and desk movie. However, unlike the Continuum and platform features Windows 10 Mobile, Galaxy S8 operate on the Android platform should be exploited effectively app store “giants” of the platform.

It is not clear how the Galaxy works really S8 being turned into a personal computer, but according to the leaked images are technology All About Windows Phone posted it shows that the interface works on a computer screen is quite similar to the Windows interface.

Features Galaxy S8 turned into a personal computer is definitely not the “top” only Samsung equipped on their new smartphones, but also many other features hopeful. According to well-informed, most likely Samsung will bring the pen S-Pen features of Galaxy Note line up version of Galaxy S8, along with many innovative features to maximize the functionality of this writer.

Galaxy S8 is currently the most anticipated smartphone of Samsung, not only because this is a new generation high-end smartphones, but also because people are waiting to see what Samsung will do to regain the image of and especially his confidence from the user after the incident with Galaxy Note7 encounter.

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S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer
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