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S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer

S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer

According to a reliable source revealed to the technology page All About Windows Phone Galaxy S8 will be equipped with a new feature called Samsung Desktop Experience and is considered one of the features “hot” to increase the competitiveness of the products.

With this feature, the Galaxy S8 connection with the computer screen, keyboard and mouse, the smartphone will create a new work environment similar to the environment of a personal computer. In other words, Galaxy S8 will turn into a true personal computer to serve the work of the user.

interface image on the computer screen when connected to the Galaxy S8

This feature is similar Continuum features that Microsoft Windows platform equipped with 10 Mobile, which allows smartphones running the platform could turn into a Windows computer when connected to the screen, mouse and desk movie. However, unlike the Continuum and platform features Windows 10 Mobile, Galaxy S8 operate on the Android platform should be exploited effectively app store “giants” of the platform.

It is not clear how the Galaxy works really S8 being turned into a personal computer, but according to the leaked images are technology All About Windows Phone posted it shows that the interface works on a computer screen is quite similar to the Windows interface.

Features Galaxy S8 turned into a personal computer is definitely not the “top” only Samsung equipped on their new smartphones, but also many other features hopeful. According to well-informed, most likely Samsung will bring the pen S-Pen features of Galaxy Note line up version of Galaxy S8, along with many innovative features to maximize the functionality of this writer.

Galaxy S8 is currently the most anticipated smartphone of Samsung, not only because this is a new generation high-end smartphones, but also because people are waiting to see what Samsung will do to regain the image of and especially his confidence from the user after the incident with Galaxy Note7 encounter.

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5 technology failure “tragic” Best 2016

S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer
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5 technology failure "tragic" Best 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note7 explode

Samsung has released the Galaxy Note7 with a lot of expectations on this past August. However, less than two months after its launch, the Korean company has recalled more than 2.5 million vehicles due to the risk Note7 Galaxy can explode or catch fire due to the fault battery.

After several attempts to fix the problem, finally Samsung has decided to withdraw and stop producing phones Galaxy Note7. This product is considered “old” the shortest in the history of Samsung.

were turned away because Yahoo announced hacked succession

At last September, Yahoo announced the hackers stole personal information from half a billion user accounts in 2014, and the company took two years to discover this infringement .

Because of this, some users Yahoo has threatened to not use Yahoo anymore because of all the negative news about the company. But then, Yahoo has had to move immediately to hook your customer by turning off email forwarding feature, this feature allows users to automatically forward mail to another account.

In addition, in October last, the company also revealed that they discovered a data violations other than a billion users in May 8/2013. This behavior separate from the data theft of 500 million Yahoo account that was reported in January 9.

Twitter “closed” Vine

Originally expected to become a popular application and to attract high-volume users, however last October, Twitter announced that it had “closed” Vine, six seconds of video applications themselves. This is really bad news for the company.

Notably, after it announced plans to close the Vine, Twitter received a large number of bids from several companies, including LINE, gaming applications, and popular messaging. However, Twitter has yet to make any comment and said the company will transfer the application Vine video capture application simpler.

Facebook Fake News (News forgery)

Mark Zuckerberg did not believe that Facebook, the largest social network, could have affected the outcome of the US presidential election. Facebook CEO said, “Personally, I think the idea of ​​the fake news on Facebook, with only a very small amount of content, the impact on the election is a pretty crazy idea”.

Facebook bear much criticism this year for allowing the fake news posted in their News Feed, where 1.18 billion readers a day. And to handle this issue, Facebook has announced a plan to allow users to check the actual news items posted from the website partners such as ABC News, Snopes.com, FactCheck.org and PolitiFact.

Unmanned Aircraft GoPro Karma

When GoPro launched unmanned aircraft its Karma earlier this year, it seems that everything is perfect. Until, Karma begins to lose energy in the air. Although there is no information of casualties yet, but urged users GoPro repaid Karma take the company and will receive a refund.

GoPro also cut 15 percent of its staff and closed its recreation department, in an effort to control costs.

5 technology failure "tragic" Best 2016
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