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4 buy SUV trend in 2017

Design is increasingly focused

Looking back at the history of the development of the SUV, one can see, one of the key factors helping this model is becoming increasingly popular and “market dominance” is due to changes in design . Keeping the style of a powerful car and versatile, but today, one SUV to have a beautiful design, exquisite and help employers demonstrate his style.

Wearing the design language Dynamic Shield – “the beauty associated with the function”, the new Pajero Sport owns the modern LED lights front and rear; top sports car radiator grille with a large X-shaped chrome frame winding together create lasting links between headlights with fog lights; Aerodynamic design with three-dimensional structure unique side; rim with 2 tones trendy …

interior compartment is the biggest concern

According to the JD Power survey in 2015, 57% of customers said interior biggest concern is their reference to a new model. As a family car, SUV buyers certainly expect a spacious interior compartments, intelligent design bring more convenient and comfortable experience in every journey. Moreover, the tendency to “elevate” the SUV, the interior has enough luxury, style or not enough strong influence customer decisions.

In Pajero Sport, consumers are most satisfied these requirements. It’s a spacious interior space European-style design with larger seats and a new 2 buffer layer structure; Mode “one touch” using the handbrake to help self-adjusting electrical traction; Doorknob in designing useful when driving over rough terrain; Design for furniture drawers large enough to meet the trend of using large-sized device, … All these changes make the interior space of the Pajero Sport become a “luxury room”, offering a convenient smooth and pleasant experience for both the driver and passengers.

Still irreplaceable be able to operate

While the current SUV was stopped at the 5-speed automatic or 6-speed, the new Pajero Sport is equipped with 8-level automatic transmission – the first in the segment – a perfect combination Engines 3.0 V6 offers outstanding performance.

In addition, the Pajero Sport is equipped with four driving modes Offroad Offroad mode button on the dashboard helps the driver can quickly select and change driving modes help make optimal use of the power in each location form. Besides, advanced MIVEC technology also helps operate strongly in the high engine speed while saving fuel and reducing noise and vibration.

The new technology and the ability to secure

Previously, customers often only require basic safety elements such as ABS and two airbags. But now, when buying an SUV, the customer safety factor to consider is the protection of the chassis, ABS / EBD, electronic balance system, number of airbags, reversing camera, blind spot warning system, controlled slope …

In addition to 8-level automatic transmission, 4 Offroad Mode mode, enhanced safety for both the driver and passenger, all-new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is also equipped with rugged chassis RISE, 7 airbags and a series of new safety technology such as brake Assist system emergency, CCTV systems surrounding panoramic car, blind-spot warning system, and especially the system against unintended acceleration only UMS- best in the segment.

Design trendy, luxurious interior, class operation, pioneering technology, Pajero Sport has all the criteria that the user search in a new SUV
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4 buy SUV trend in 2017
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