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Cleaning hard as White House welcomed the American president

According to CNN on 20/1 to come, when the world turned its attention to the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump, nearly 100 employees will have to run for the White House the time when only 6 hours to decorate and furnished to 132 room here to greet the new president.

At about 10:30 am 20/1, family, President Barack Obama will say goodbye to the White House, where they have worked closely for over 8 years. Shortly after President Obama family moved out, the White House staff will have to urgently prepare the entire White House preference and style of the new owners – the family Trump presidential election.

The cleaning staff will move furniture up Obama’s truck through the southern gardens out of the White House, while the truck carrying the belongings of Mr. Trump will run for the White House in the afternoon road vice versa.

During the cleaning staff busy place on, then in other areas of the White House, the staff must urgently prepare for the dining room. The chefs have to prepare snacks for the family before their new president sworn banquet on the evening of the same day.

Stephen Rochon, the management staff at the White House, said the rooms in the 2nd and 3rd floor of the White House which is a separate room for the presidential family can be redecorated. However, until the present time, President-elect Trump said he did not intend to redecorate the White House under his luxurious style. “It’s a very special place. I was there to work, not to redecorate, “Mr. Trump share news agency Tapper.

Previously, Mr. Trump also promised not to change the traditional architecture of the White House. President-elect also said that, after taking office, he will not live permanently in the White House, which has over the private residence in the Trump Tower in New York as well as the resort that his family owns.

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Cleaning hard as White House welcomed the American president
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