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Popular Korean actor Tesla conditions because the vehicle lost control

Son Ji-chang actor and son – sat in seat were injured in this accident.

According to local media, in September last year, South Korean actor is parked Tesla Model X in the garage, the car suddenly accelerated and crashed into the house.

On 30/1 the past, he has filed to the court, wants and 7 other cases stored in the database of the Agency for National Traffic Safety (NHTSA) events Tesla on the acceleration of the car lost control.

Actor Son Ji-chang

According to the claim of the actor Son Ji-chang, the car has suddenly shot up, piercing the wall inside the garage, broke several wooden sticks and water pipes in the wall, crashed into the living room. He said that this is the fault of the car and wanted Tesla to compensate losses.

Tesla has denied the allegations, saying the Son Ji-chang has used his fame in the Korean entertainment industry to threaten the company.

“Before Tesla filed a lawsuit against Mr. Son has threatened to use its reputation in the Korean entertainment industry for damaging the reputation of Tesla if it refuses to compensate losses and admit that the car self-accelerating, “Tesla said.

“However, the evidence clearly shows that the fault is not in the car. Our policy is based on evidence and not accept the blackmail.”

Meanwhile, Son Ji-chang actor said he decided to pursue Tesla because this company has made claims about him are not true, because the money that he put himself and his son in danger.

Popular Korean actor Tesla conditions because the vehicle lost control
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