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Facebook confusion fountain statue in Italy is pornography

Social network Facebook is once again facing criticism after many users have found that the photos taken with the statue of Neptune in the Piazza del Nettuno Fountain is located between the city of Bologna is blocked, and photos listed as “obscene”.

The incident began when Elisa Barbari, a local writer decided to use the naked picture Neptune statue, holding tridents, to represent the article entitled “The interesting stories and angles Bologna looked at. ” But the picture has been blocked for violating regulations on sensitive content from social network Facebook, the Daily Telegraph said.

In a recent statement, Facebook acknowledged that there was confusion in the process of censorship. “Our team must handle millions of advertising images every week and has blocked almost all cases of policy violation. After the inspection, the images do not violate our policies and advertisers can use it. We apologize for this incident. ”

Step Neptune statue is a symbol of the city of Bologna in particular, and of Italy in general

Neptune statue was conducted in 1560 by the sculptor Jean de Boulogne talented, also known under the name Giambologna. The statue quickly became a symbol of the city and is an integral part of the square during the past 500 years.

software too strict censorship of the social network Facebook, who made this face more controversy in the past, but continues to increase, with more and more frequency. In addition, Facebook is also facing criticism for not censoring the news is fake, have significant impacts on various aspects of life.

Facebook was also blocked images mistakenly Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark

Last year, the giant social network Mark Zuckerberg entangled in a heated debate has blocked shots when the famous “Baby napalm” of photographer Nick Ut – each received the Pulitzer Prize in 1973. Buc photo not merely a work of art, but also bearing the stamp of history, the whole world is shaken when witnessing the brutal horrors of the Vietnam war.

In this debate, Facebook also announced that the photo was of breaking regulations on nudity. But later, they changed their decision and offer an apology, saying that Facebook recognizes “the nature of history and global influence of this image.”

In January 2015, Facebook has also encountered similar allegations have blocked the image of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.

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Facebook confusion fountain statue in Italy is pornography
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