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10 IT event in the country in 2016 represented

1. 2016 was chosen as the National Year of entrepreneurship

Hoa same general trend of the world, entrepreneurship has become more popular and become a trend in Vietnam. Because of this, the Government has decided to choose 2016 as the National Year of starting a business.

Just as in the world, businesses are starting a business in Vietnam often choose fields of technology to start because this is an area can bring high value in a short time. Even Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has emphasized the promotion of entrepreneurship based on innovation, making Vietnam become the entrepreneur is the fastest way to develop enterprise forces, especially businesses high-tech industry and the factors creating breakthrough development in the digital economy. Remove all barriers, encouraging scientific and technological applications, thriving private enterprises became an important engine of growth of the economy.

The encouraging words of the head of government has become a force to urge action from practical needs, causing more and more people start a business in the technology sector in Vietnam.

2. MIC for licensing 4G network

2016 marked the start for further development according to the cellular network when the Ministry of Information and Communications has licensed VNPT, Viettel, MobiFone and Gtel developed mobile networks 4G in the 1,800 MHz band. In early November, the official VinaPhone have 4G service provider in Phu Quoc and become the first to offer 4G network in Vietnam.

Thus, Vietnam is the last country in the region to deploy 4G. MIC believes that 2016 will be the year for 4G good start in 2017 will also witness the strong development of this technology.

3. Withdrawal of 15 million prepaid mobile SIM activation available

After many years of existence, but the problem SIM prepaid cell are active still not fully resolved as a matter of the interests of many parties, until towards the end of 2016, the MIC has aggressive raids , recovered 15 million prepaid SIM active. This move shows the determination of the MIC. MIC also affirmed the work of SIM registration revocation of regulations will be carried out regularly to handle the problem thoroughly SIM garbage, junk messages.

4. First sector contribution MIC state budget reached 145,915 billion

As reported by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), the total revenue generated whole industries MIC in 2016 was estimated at 1,337,857 billion (estimated growth rate reached 9.36% compared to 2015, higher than the national GDP growth target of 6.7% in 2016). Especially in 2016 FHI received first contribution to the state budget reaches the whole industry reached 145,915 billion (estimated at 109.06% of the plan year) and approximately 14.38% contribution to the total revenue budget balance state Budget 2016.

5. Information Security Law (information security) network officially take effect from the date of 01.07.2016

To address network information security is an urgent issue before many breaches and steal important information on the Internet, at its 10th session, the National Assembly adopted the Law XIII network information security and officially take effect on the date 01.07.2016.

Law on Information Security network startup MIC building in 2011 and completed in May 11/2015, are important laws to implement the information security activities in Vietnam. With the structure consists of 8 chapters 54 articles, the Law on Information Security Network to mention a lot of new issues, “hot” in the field of information security today, concretize problems are causing public annoyance society as spam; collect and distribute personal information illegally …

6. Sam Media Company “pickpocket” 230 billion mobile subscribers in Vietnam

2016 witnessed one of the service “pickpocket” mobile users the largest in Vietnam in recent years as Inspector of the Department of Information and Communications Hanoi inspection organizations representative offices Company Sam Media (Hong Kong) in Hanoi and found that from January to May 3/2016 1/2013 was “pickpocket” many customers of 3 major carriers, Viettel, MobiFone and VinaPhone in the amount of up to 230.5 billion.

Specifically, Sam Media has partnered with three companies in Vietnam to provide chargeable services for mobile users in Vietnam without permission and even unknown to the user. The network then cut also announced contracts with partners Sam Media simultaneously cutting out a series of control and content provider partners “pickpocket” customers. This is an issue of serious loss of confidence of customers for both operators and content service providers.

7. The Vietnam Airlines airports and hacker attacks

One of the biggest cyber attack in Vietnam in the past year was the hacker attack on the website of Vietnam Airlines and airport system in Vietnam in May hand 7/2016. Specifically, the site of Vietnam Airlines has been a group of hacker attacks, the content posted to misrepresent the situation in the South China Sea. the same time, information systems at two major airports in Vietnam is Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat, including the display of flight information were hacker intrusions, to publish the Chinese words with contents distorting the East sea situation.

Although the problem was promptly fixed and does not cause any serious consequences, but sounding a warning bell about the dangers hacker can attack and cause unsafe for flight.

8. Elimination of roaming charges three Indochinese countries

2016 marked the first time in the world, mobile roaming fees for three Indochinese countries are removed.

Specifically, the Viettel has quit international roaming call charges between Viettel subscribers in three countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. International rates of 3 countries equivalent to the rates in the country, ie international will no longer charge, no international roaming charges between subscribers of Viettel in 3 countries.

This creates the preconditions for economic development, affecting the economic bloc in the world and above all to contribute to serving the people, serve tourists as well as connecting the investment activities …

Of course, this move will make the network’s revenue decline in the near future, but in the long run, will benefit operators with roaming charges cancellation policies by the need to use human when roaming sizeable population and especially internet access.

9. Prime Minister suggested abolish Article 292

At the 2nd Session of the National Assembly, as authorized by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Justice has presented the project report to the Law amending and supplementing some articles of the Penal Code. Ministry of Justice suggested to delete Article 292 – the crime of illegally providing services on computer networks, telecommunications networks.

Representative of the Ministry of Justice said that the crime of illegally providing services on computer networks, telecommunications networks (Article 292) is one of 10 crimes in the field of information technology, telecommunications networks are defined section 2 of chapter XXI of the Penal Code 2015, guests can harm public safety is, of public order.

Earlier, the government also said that online business is the development trend has the potential and the growing number of participants. Therefore, the law should have a mechanism to promote, create favorable conditions and ensure a healthy competitive environment for the development of this business sector. For acts of illegal business on the network, depending on each specific case can be dealt with administrative violations or criminal penalties.

In addition, the startup community that 292 will also be barriers to the creative power of the business community entrepreneurship. The business and professional associations in the field of ICT also voiced proposals to remove or amending Article 292 because criminalized nature of business activities in order to avoid the risk of pushing into the labor management business.

10. Vietnam officially the first 4G devices

Equipment Viettel’s first 4G was released.

2016, Viettel Corporation wowed when officially announced the successful production was broadcast receiver 4G.

Viettel representative said the devices produced by this network has the same features and equipment by leading manufacturers in the world today.

The successful production of the broadcast receiver 4G helped Viettel became the first unit in Vietnam and is sixth in the world to produce 4G wave transceiver. At the same time, this is also seen as a breakthrough by Viettel expanded into the field of research and production.

10 IT event in the country in 2016 represented
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