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Honda NSX – Rebirth of the legendary

The first generation of the model Honda NSX This (the name used in other markets outside the US of the Acura NSX) market launch in 1990 until 2005 and a new subject ” retired “, before sinking into oblivion.

And then until 2011, the new Honda announced a costly project to restore the form of its super sports car, the month 2/2012 version of the NSX concept first unveiled at Auto Show North America, but also be “molded” in 4 years, the first samples of the new Honda NSX to leave the chain to customers, becoming one of the vehicles was “conceived” the longest in the history of auto industry.

The introduction of version NSX 2017 marks the return of the Japanese automaker in the luxury car segment, with a major change is the application of hybrid technology into the engine, the supercar can help form this sport entirely sufficient strength to compete with other competitors in the segment.

Honda NSX 2017 3.5L V6 possesses the capacity of 500 hp at 6500-7500 rpm / min and maximum torque of 550 Nm at 2000-6000 rpm / min, accompanied by a motor engine power lies just in front of the box serial number level 9 double clutch (47 horsepower strength / 148 Nm). Meanwhile, at the front will be the appearance of the two electric motors with a capacity of 72 kW and 144 Nm of torque.

Thus, the total power that Honda NSX can harness maximum power is 573 hp and torque of 650 Nm maximum. With this power, the car is capable of accelerating 0-97 km / h in about 3 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 306 km / h.

The most important of the many technologies available on the form of this super sports car is four-wheel drive system with the assistance of the electric motor in the operating situations of the vehicle (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD ). This technology allows the Honda NSX uses traction on the electric motor in each specific case of operators; speed / cornering / braking, instead of just a single transmission to the wheels. That is not including the two electric motors placed in front (Twin Motor Unit) also gives the vehicle capable of handling agility and precision than in the driving situations.

To promote the strength of a powerful engine, optimized Honda NSX design by offering a bold exterior design aerodynamic, accompanied chassis system that combines of many different materials bring solid but low weight: aluminum alloy, carbon fiber (the car floor structure), steel reinforcement …

Now Honda NSX in 2017 with competitors like the Ford GT, Ferrari 488 GTB, and BMW i8 Audi R8 sold in the US market for $ 156,000 and in the UK is £ 130,000, the equivalent of $ 160,000.

Honda NSX – Rebirth of the legendary
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