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6 TV trend at CES 2017 is waiting

At CES this year, besides the first screen of the company introduced LG, Samsung, Sony, the “rising stars” such as TCL, Hisense, Leeco also expected to attract attention . Here is one of the trend-awaited TV will be showcased at the show the world’s largest technology will open from 5-8 days / 1 to Las Vegas, USA.

Popular 4K resolution

TV does not support 4K technology will not disappear completely in 2017, but at CES this year will certainly be very rare appearance of this product. Basically, these TVs announced at CES 2017 will feature 4K resolution, the only difference is in the technology applied. Although this resolution 4 times the number of pixels than 1080p television, but for now, the pixels are no longer incur more costs to produce, thus cheap TVs sold in 2017 are will have 4K resolution.

Support for HDR feature

HDR – extended dynamic contrast range, features first introduced last year, will accompany with 4K resolution on any device. We fully expect all TVs announced at the exhibition have the ability to handle content with HDR, Dolby Vision or HDR10 or (technology similar to HDR). HDR will be the first choice for popular TV lines by optimizing image quality, while not increasing the cost of mass production.

OLED throne but not cheap and popular

few years, OLED technology has caught the attention by the picture quality amazing. And LG was the only company capable of producing large quantities of mass-screen technology, and it will be hard to change in the future (even if the rumors Sony will make OLED displays, which this must still use panels LG). Besides the increased productivity could not produce OLED displays, LG also has to compete with high-end line LCD screen, which makes OLED TV prices falling and can not be popular.

how Samsung will compete with LG’s OLED screen?

In addition to providing outstanding picture quality, OLED technology has many advantages such as low power loss and faster response speed of conventional LED TV. And if LG promote this, the consumer will certainly look forward. Although the TV manufacturers a world leader, but Samsung needs to make further efforts to create differentiated products more, apart from the curved screen TVs are becoming increasingly popular today. Currently there were many rumors that Samsung will soon respond LG OLED TV with its own line.

3D TV is dead, whether there were curved screen of death?

In early 2016, basically, Samsung has removed the 3D feature on TV on all its products. However, Samsung retains bend screen, while the “rival” no longer interested LG Versa with curved display technology (2016 series only form curved OLED display). Additionally, Sony, Vizio and others said this feature is difficult to reach users. Does curved screen will continue to survive this year?

The invasion of Chinese firms

After years of quietly, the Chinese TV manufacturers will certainly make highlight in 2017. We can expect information from large firms such as TCL, Hisense and Leeco, the company bought the Vizio (consumer electronics firm US) … for TCL (brand currently ranked 4th in North America) and Hisense (Sharp acquired in 2015), two carriers have the ability to offer TVs fit your budget but will also be able to participate in high-level playing field, or create a separate operating system. Meanwhile, 85-inch television giant Leeco 1 version will be “tailored” for the exhibition this year.

6 TV trend at CES 2017 is waiting
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