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Users "fascinated" feature on iPhone rumors 8?

Contrary to the iPhone 7, 7 Plus which is said to be not much noticeable improvement compared with the predecessor generation, the survey showed that many iPhone 8 is the most anticipated in the new year . Before a series of rumors appear dense, iPhone 8 is expected to be the phone “hot” in 2017 though users will have to wait longer than 9 months of seeing our new reality images of ” super food “is.

According to a survey from 9to5Mac – newspaper close to Apple, something quite unexpected factor that users top priority on generation iPhone 8 was not the curved screen size 5.8 inch, which is the wireless charging feature at a distance (Long-range wireless charging).

Wireless Charging at a distance is the feature most anticipated iPhone 8

This is a feature that has been predicted for several years, and is very likely that Apple will introduce the iPhone wireless charging 8. Known long ago appeared on the high-end Android phones, though However it has not been used on any Apple product line.

According to recent rumors, the wireless charging feature on the iPhone 8 will not only help us not require charging cables, but also allows the iPhone impressive move in a certain range, instead of fixed charging current on the plate. The main factors have helped it become a factor most anticipated iPhone with 38.42% 8 votes of people.

Next it is 5.8-inch OLED screen and designed entirely in glass mirrors, is expected to appear on the 9to5Mac iPhone 8. Survey has so far attracted more than 5,000 votes from you read.

Survey from 9to5Mac page shows the many points on the anticipated new “super food” by Apple in 2017

According to the rumors, the iPhone 8 is expected to own a larger screen and new design, configuration upgrades. Most important of which must include the screen size of 5.8-inch curved, while using OLED technology as the newest smartphone running Android.

Another rumor that the iPhone 8 will bring two sides are designed with mirror glass, similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Generation iPhone 8 will also have a new color, which according to recent predictions can be white “Jet White” – as opposed to the black legend “Jet Black” on the iPhone 7.

Some sources also said that the iPhone 8 will go away hardware Home button, and replace it with the Home button touch screen sink inside expanded to almost the entire front. There are also many other notable features like wireless charging at a distance, increased battery life, improved speed, …

Users "fascinated" feature on iPhone rumors 8?
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