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EA-18G – electronic warfare aircraft danger today

18G Growler aircraft EA-US, manufactured by Boeing’s electronic warfare aircraft’s key US today. It is capable of electronic warfare EA-18G on very strong and diversified operation has dismantled enemy radar sites, but you can destroy the main station by missiles mounted on the EA-18G.

In real war in Iraq and Libya, the EA-18G show the strength of all the expectations when a few units can disable the electronic system of the enemy, even though it is out both phones are making waves in touch completely paralyzed.

18G Growler EA-90% share of the Super Hornet design, it uses the airframe, AESA radar and weapon systems such as storage management system AN / AYK-22. 20mm Vulcan cannons were removed from the nose to add to the electronic system (and other parts of the airframe, too), ALQ-218 is mounted at the top of the wing, in addition to the ALQ-99 machine the machine makes noise in the high frequency range and low frequencies.

jammers and the fuel tank was also added, although such, EA-18G will have a longer range and time overhead also increased.

EA-18G can be equipped with jammers 5 ALQ-99 tactical, add 2 missiles for self-defense AIM-120 AMRAAM, two anti-radiation missile high speed AGM-88 HARM.

EA-18G will also use jamming systems Remove INCANS, this system enables voice communication internally, while the information systems of enemy interference, a capability no EA-6B above.

The EA-18G will carry AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles for self-defense and two AGM-88 HARM missile, or AGM-88E AARGM (Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided) missiles to destroy enemy radar stations .

Boeing is still working on plans to upgrade the aircraft is extremely dangerous to a new level.

EA-18G – electronic warfare aircraft danger today
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