The title is "Game of 2016" on Google Play?

Most gamers favorite mobile game that Pokémon Go would have won the award “Best Android Game” of the year because it is a game of “hot” in 2016. However, game Clash Royale, a product of Supercell, the “father” Clash of Clans game, won the “game of the year”. In Clash Royale, you will play against players from around the world in real time and their title.

As for Pokemon Go, this game reached the title game and the most innovative game of the list of “top trending” (according to a leading trend) since it was released in 7/2016. Other games on the list include, Color Jelly Candy Crush Saga and Switch.

In particular, Slither.iO (Snake) allows you to play against other players online. Basically, the gameplay is quite simple, if your snake head touches another child, it will explode and the game ends. Whereas, the other a snake hit you, then it will explode and you can “eat” it.

Switch With Color game, the player must control dot right outside where the color of the circle where its borders are combined so many colors.

On the other hand, Jelly Candy Crush Saga game, you will play Jenny, Queen versus Queen Jelly. You and queen will turn out the Jelly jelly candy to cover up the cells, more cells Whoever wins the most will win.

In addition, the list also includes the strategy game quite “addictive” game like Lords Mobile and indie (independent electronic games) as Riptide GP: Renegade …

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Facebook confusion fountain statue in Italy is pornography

Users “fascinated” feature on iPhone rumors 8?

S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer

The title is "Game of 2016" on Google Play?
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S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer

S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer

According to a reliable source revealed to the technology page All About Windows Phone Galaxy S8 will be equipped with a new feature called Samsung Desktop Experience and is considered one of the features “hot” to increase the competitiveness of the products.

With this feature, the Galaxy S8 connection with the computer screen, keyboard and mouse, the smartphone will create a new work environment similar to the environment of a personal computer. In other words, Galaxy S8 will turn into a true personal computer to serve the work of the user.

interface image on the computer screen when connected to the Galaxy S8

This feature is similar Continuum features that Microsoft Windows platform equipped with 10 Mobile, which allows smartphones running the platform could turn into a Windows computer when connected to the screen, mouse and desk movie. However, unlike the Continuum and platform features Windows 10 Mobile, Galaxy S8 operate on the Android platform should be exploited effectively app store “giants” of the platform.

It is not clear how the Galaxy works really S8 being turned into a personal computer, but according to the leaked images are technology All About Windows Phone posted it shows that the interface works on a computer screen is quite similar to the Windows interface.

Features Galaxy S8 turned into a personal computer is definitely not the “top” only Samsung equipped on their new smartphones, but also many other features hopeful. According to well-informed, most likely Samsung will bring the pen S-Pen features of Galaxy Note line up version of Galaxy S8, along with many innovative features to maximize the functionality of this writer.

Galaxy S8 is currently the most anticipated smartphone of Samsung, not only because this is a new generation high-end smartphones, but also because people are waiting to see what Samsung will do to regain the image of and especially his confidence from the user after the incident with Galaxy Note7 encounter.

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Facebook confusion fountain statue in Italy is pornography

Users “fascinated” feature on iPhone rumors 8?

5 technology failure “tragic” Best 2016

S8 Galaxy smartphone will function turned into a personal computer
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Facebook confusion fountain statue in Italy is pornography

Social network Facebook is once again facing criticism after many users have found that the photos taken with the statue of Neptune in the Piazza del Nettuno Fountain is located between the city of Bologna is blocked, and photos listed as “obscene”.

The incident began when Elisa Barbari, a local writer decided to use the naked picture Neptune statue, holding tridents, to represent the article entitled “The interesting stories and angles Bologna looked at. ” But the picture has been blocked for violating regulations on sensitive content from social network Facebook, the Daily Telegraph said.

In a recent statement, Facebook acknowledged that there was confusion in the process of censorship. “Our team must handle millions of advertising images every week and has blocked almost all cases of policy violation. After the inspection, the images do not violate our policies and advertisers can use it. We apologize for this incident. ”

Step Neptune statue is a symbol of the city of Bologna in particular, and of Italy in general

Neptune statue was conducted in 1560 by the sculptor Jean de Boulogne talented, also known under the name Giambologna. The statue quickly became a symbol of the city and is an integral part of the square during the past 500 years.

software too strict censorship of the social network Facebook, who made this face more controversy in the past, but continues to increase, with more and more frequency. In addition, Facebook is also facing criticism for not censoring the news is fake, have significant impacts on various aspects of life.

Facebook was also blocked images mistakenly Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark

Last year, the giant social network Mark Zuckerberg entangled in a heated debate has blocked shots when the famous “Baby napalm” of photographer Nick Ut – each received the Pulitzer Prize in 1973. Buc photo not merely a work of art, but also bearing the stamp of history, the whole world is shaken when witnessing the brutal horrors of the Vietnam war.

In this debate, Facebook also announced that the photo was of breaking regulations on nudity. But later, they changed their decision and offer an apology, saying that Facebook recognizes “the nature of history and global influence of this image.”

In January 2015, Facebook has also encountered similar allegations have blocked the image of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.

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5 technology failure “tragic” Best 2016

Download Now 6 free iOS app on the first day in 2017

6 TV trend at CES 2017 is waiting

Facebook confusion fountain statue in Italy is pornography
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Users "fascinated" feature on iPhone rumors 8?

Contrary to the iPhone 7, 7 Plus which is said to be not much noticeable improvement compared with the predecessor generation, the survey showed that many iPhone 8 is the most anticipated in the new year . Before a series of rumors appear dense, iPhone 8 is expected to be the phone “hot” in 2017 though users will have to wait longer than 9 months of seeing our new reality images of ” super food “is.

According to a survey from 9to5Mac – newspaper close to Apple, something quite unexpected factor that users top priority on generation iPhone 8 was not the curved screen size 5.8 inch, which is the wireless charging feature at a distance (Long-range wireless charging).

Wireless Charging at a distance is the feature most anticipated iPhone 8

This is a feature that has been predicted for several years, and is very likely that Apple will introduce the iPhone wireless charging 8. Known long ago appeared on the high-end Android phones, though However it has not been used on any Apple product line.

According to recent rumors, the wireless charging feature on the iPhone 8 will not only help us not require charging cables, but also allows the iPhone impressive move in a certain range, instead of fixed charging current on the plate. The main factors have helped it become a factor most anticipated iPhone with 38.42% 8 votes of people.

Next it is 5.8-inch OLED screen and designed entirely in glass mirrors, is expected to appear on the 9to5Mac iPhone 8. Survey has so far attracted more than 5,000 votes from you read.

Survey from 9to5Mac page shows the many points on the anticipated new “super food” by Apple in 2017

According to the rumors, the iPhone 8 is expected to own a larger screen and new design, configuration upgrades. Most important of which must include the screen size of 5.8-inch curved, while using OLED technology as the newest smartphone running Android.

Another rumor that the iPhone 8 will bring two sides are designed with mirror glass, similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Generation iPhone 8 will also have a new color, which according to recent predictions can be white “Jet White” – as opposed to the black legend “Jet Black” on the iPhone 7.

Some sources also said that the iPhone 8 will go away hardware Home button, and replace it with the Home button touch screen sink inside expanded to almost the entire front. There are also many other notable features like wireless charging at a distance, increased battery life, improved speed, …

Users "fascinated" feature on iPhone rumors 8?
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5 technology failure "tragic" Best 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note7 explode

Samsung has released the Galaxy Note7 with a lot of expectations on this past August. However, less than two months after its launch, the Korean company has recalled more than 2.5 million vehicles due to the risk Note7 Galaxy can explode or catch fire due to the fault battery.

After several attempts to fix the problem, finally Samsung has decided to withdraw and stop producing phones Galaxy Note7. This product is considered “old” the shortest in the history of Samsung.

were turned away because Yahoo announced hacked succession

At last September, Yahoo announced the hackers stole personal information from half a billion user accounts in 2014, and the company took two years to discover this infringement .

Because of this, some users Yahoo has threatened to not use Yahoo anymore because of all the negative news about the company. But then, Yahoo has had to move immediately to hook your customer by turning off email forwarding feature, this feature allows users to automatically forward mail to another account.

In addition, in October last, the company also revealed that they discovered a data violations other than a billion users in May 8/2013. This behavior separate from the data theft of 500 million Yahoo account that was reported in January 9.

Twitter “closed” Vine

Originally expected to become a popular application and to attract high-volume users, however last October, Twitter announced that it had “closed” Vine, six seconds of video applications themselves. This is really bad news for the company.

Notably, after it announced plans to close the Vine, Twitter received a large number of bids from several companies, including LINE, gaming applications, and popular messaging. However, Twitter has yet to make any comment and said the company will transfer the application Vine video capture application simpler.

Facebook Fake News (News forgery)

Mark Zuckerberg did not believe that Facebook, the largest social network, could have affected the outcome of the US presidential election. Facebook CEO said, “Personally, I think the idea of ​​the fake news on Facebook, with only a very small amount of content, the impact on the election is a pretty crazy idea”.

Facebook bear much criticism this year for allowing the fake news posted in their News Feed, where 1.18 billion readers a day. And to handle this issue, Facebook has announced a plan to allow users to check the actual news items posted from the website partners such as ABC News,, and PolitiFact.

Unmanned Aircraft GoPro Karma

When GoPro launched unmanned aircraft its Karma earlier this year, it seems that everything is perfect. Until, Karma begins to lose energy in the air. Although there is no information of casualties yet, but urged users GoPro repaid Karma take the company and will receive a refund.

GoPro also cut 15 percent of its staff and closed its recreation department, in an effort to control costs.

5 technology failure "tragic" Best 2016
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Download Now 6 free iOS app on the first day in 2017


AirPhotoViewer is a unique image viewer, allows you to view photos directly from your computer on your phone without having to copy via computer. Besides, it is also a photo sharing app that lets you share photos with others via WiFi.


Nutshunter Escape Run

This game is designed with beautiful 3D graphics, unique, and extremely addictive gameplay. You will get lost with all the obstacles and the various wonders.


Speed ​​Pro

Speed ​​Pro is a game for physical activity, from walking, running, biking or other activities. Please turn your daily activities into an exciting game and compete with others.



Deflecto In the game, you must protect the peaceful small town from the threat of scary clouds. Your weapon is your finger, trying to deflect away the clouds of anger pointed at the city.


Use Your Handwriting Gold

This application allows you to write quick notes, lists and messages on your iPhone. Application equipped with features unique handwriting handwriting simulation of a soft beautiful fountain pen.



Noti application allows you to enter all your daily tasks in the notification center of your iPhone. Thus, you can easily keep track of their work, even when you’re in a hurry.


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6 TV trend at CES 2017 is waiting

At CES this year, besides the first screen of the company introduced LG, Samsung, Sony, the “rising stars” such as TCL, Hisense, Leeco also expected to attract attention . Here is one of the trend-awaited TV will be showcased at the show the world’s largest technology will open from 5-8 days / 1 to Las Vegas, USA.

Popular 4K resolution

TV does not support 4K technology will not disappear completely in 2017, but at CES this year will certainly be very rare appearance of this product. Basically, these TVs announced at CES 2017 will feature 4K resolution, the only difference is in the technology applied. Although this resolution 4 times the number of pixels than 1080p television, but for now, the pixels are no longer incur more costs to produce, thus cheap TVs sold in 2017 are will have 4K resolution.

Support for HDR feature

HDR – extended dynamic contrast range, features first introduced last year, will accompany with 4K resolution on any device. We fully expect all TVs announced at the exhibition have the ability to handle content with HDR, Dolby Vision or HDR10 or (technology similar to HDR). HDR will be the first choice for popular TV lines by optimizing image quality, while not increasing the cost of mass production.

OLED throne but not cheap and popular

few years, OLED technology has caught the attention by the picture quality amazing. And LG was the only company capable of producing large quantities of mass-screen technology, and it will be hard to change in the future (even if the rumors Sony will make OLED displays, which this must still use panels LG). Besides the increased productivity could not produce OLED displays, LG also has to compete with high-end line LCD screen, which makes OLED TV prices falling and can not be popular.

how Samsung will compete with LG’s OLED screen?

In addition to providing outstanding picture quality, OLED technology has many advantages such as low power loss and faster response speed of conventional LED TV. And if LG promote this, the consumer will certainly look forward. Although the TV manufacturers a world leader, but Samsung needs to make further efforts to create differentiated products more, apart from the curved screen TVs are becoming increasingly popular today. Currently there were many rumors that Samsung will soon respond LG OLED TV with its own line.

3D TV is dead, whether there were curved screen of death?

In early 2016, basically, Samsung has removed the 3D feature on TV on all its products. However, Samsung retains bend screen, while the “rival” no longer interested LG Versa with curved display technology (2016 series only form curved OLED display). Additionally, Sony, Vizio and others said this feature is difficult to reach users. Does curved screen will continue to survive this year?

The invasion of Chinese firms

After years of quietly, the Chinese TV manufacturers will certainly make highlight in 2017. We can expect information from large firms such as TCL, Hisense and Leeco, the company bought the Vizio (consumer electronics firm US) … for TCL (brand currently ranked 4th in North America) and Hisense (Sharp acquired in 2015), two carriers have the ability to offer TVs fit your budget but will also be able to participate in high-level playing field, or create a separate operating system. Meanwhile, 85-inch television giant Leeco 1 version will be “tailored” for the exhibition this year.

6 TV trend at CES 2017 is waiting
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10 IT event in the country in 2016 represented

1. 2016 was chosen as the National Year of entrepreneurship

Hoa same general trend of the world, entrepreneurship has become more popular and become a trend in Vietnam. Because of this, the Government has decided to choose 2016 as the National Year of starting a business.

Just as in the world, businesses are starting a business in Vietnam often choose fields of technology to start because this is an area can bring high value in a short time. Even Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has emphasized the promotion of entrepreneurship based on innovation, making Vietnam become the entrepreneur is the fastest way to develop enterprise forces, especially businesses high-tech industry and the factors creating breakthrough development in the digital economy. Remove all barriers, encouraging scientific and technological applications, thriving private enterprises became an important engine of growth of the economy.

The encouraging words of the head of government has become a force to urge action from practical needs, causing more and more people start a business in the technology sector in Vietnam.

2. MIC for licensing 4G network

2016 marked the start for further development according to the cellular network when the Ministry of Information and Communications has licensed VNPT, Viettel, MobiFone and Gtel developed mobile networks 4G in the 1,800 MHz band. In early November, the official VinaPhone have 4G service provider in Phu Quoc and become the first to offer 4G network in Vietnam.

Thus, Vietnam is the last country in the region to deploy 4G. MIC believes that 2016 will be the year for 4G good start in 2017 will also witness the strong development of this technology.

3. Withdrawal of 15 million prepaid mobile SIM activation available

After many years of existence, but the problem SIM prepaid cell are active still not fully resolved as a matter of the interests of many parties, until towards the end of 2016, the MIC has aggressive raids , recovered 15 million prepaid SIM active. This move shows the determination of the MIC. MIC also affirmed the work of SIM registration revocation of regulations will be carried out regularly to handle the problem thoroughly SIM garbage, junk messages.

4. First sector contribution MIC state budget reached 145,915 billion

As reported by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), the total revenue generated whole industries MIC in 2016 was estimated at 1,337,857 billion (estimated growth rate reached 9.36% compared to 2015, higher than the national GDP growth target of 6.7% in 2016). Especially in 2016 FHI received first contribution to the state budget reaches the whole industry reached 145,915 billion (estimated at 109.06% of the plan year) and approximately 14.38% contribution to the total revenue budget balance state Budget 2016.

5. Information Security Law (information security) network officially take effect from the date of 01.07.2016

To address network information security is an urgent issue before many breaches and steal important information on the Internet, at its 10th session, the National Assembly adopted the Law XIII network information security and officially take effect on the date 01.07.2016.

Law on Information Security network startup MIC building in 2011 and completed in May 11/2015, are important laws to implement the information security activities in Vietnam. With the structure consists of 8 chapters 54 articles, the Law on Information Security Network to mention a lot of new issues, “hot” in the field of information security today, concretize problems are causing public annoyance society as spam; collect and distribute personal information illegally …

6. Sam Media Company “pickpocket” 230 billion mobile subscribers in Vietnam

2016 witnessed one of the service “pickpocket” mobile users the largest in Vietnam in recent years as Inspector of the Department of Information and Communications Hanoi inspection organizations representative offices Company Sam Media (Hong Kong) in Hanoi and found that from January to May 3/2016 1/2013 was “pickpocket” many customers of 3 major carriers, Viettel, MobiFone and VinaPhone in the amount of up to 230.5 billion.

Specifically, Sam Media has partnered with three companies in Vietnam to provide chargeable services for mobile users in Vietnam without permission and even unknown to the user. The network then cut also announced contracts with partners Sam Media simultaneously cutting out a series of control and content provider partners “pickpocket” customers. This is an issue of serious loss of confidence of customers for both operators and content service providers.

7. The Vietnam Airlines airports and hacker attacks

One of the biggest cyber attack in Vietnam in the past year was the hacker attack on the website of Vietnam Airlines and airport system in Vietnam in May hand 7/2016. Specifically, the site of Vietnam Airlines has been a group of hacker attacks, the content posted to misrepresent the situation in the South China Sea. the same time, information systems at two major airports in Vietnam is Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat, including the display of flight information were hacker intrusions, to publish the Chinese words with contents distorting the East sea situation.

Although the problem was promptly fixed and does not cause any serious consequences, but sounding a warning bell about the dangers hacker can attack and cause unsafe for flight.

8. Elimination of roaming charges three Indochinese countries

2016 marked the first time in the world, mobile roaming fees for three Indochinese countries are removed.

Specifically, the Viettel has quit international roaming call charges between Viettel subscribers in three countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. International rates of 3 countries equivalent to the rates in the country, ie international will no longer charge, no international roaming charges between subscribers of Viettel in 3 countries.

This creates the preconditions for economic development, affecting the economic bloc in the world and above all to contribute to serving the people, serve tourists as well as connecting the investment activities …

Of course, this move will make the network’s revenue decline in the near future, but in the long run, will benefit operators with roaming charges cancellation policies by the need to use human when roaming sizeable population and especially internet access.

9. Prime Minister suggested abolish Article 292

At the 2nd Session of the National Assembly, as authorized by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Justice has presented the project report to the Law amending and supplementing some articles of the Penal Code. Ministry of Justice suggested to delete Article 292 – the crime of illegally providing services on computer networks, telecommunications networks.

Representative of the Ministry of Justice said that the crime of illegally providing services on computer networks, telecommunications networks (Article 292) is one of 10 crimes in the field of information technology, telecommunications networks are defined section 2 of chapter XXI of the Penal Code 2015, guests can harm public safety is, of public order.

Earlier, the government also said that online business is the development trend has the potential and the growing number of participants. Therefore, the law should have a mechanism to promote, create favorable conditions and ensure a healthy competitive environment for the development of this business sector. For acts of illegal business on the network, depending on each specific case can be dealt with administrative violations or criminal penalties.

In addition, the startup community that 292 will also be barriers to the creative power of the business community entrepreneurship. The business and professional associations in the field of ICT also voiced proposals to remove or amending Article 292 because criminalized nature of business activities in order to avoid the risk of pushing into the labor management business.

10. Vietnam officially the first 4G devices

Equipment Viettel’s first 4G was released.

2016, Viettel Corporation wowed when officially announced the successful production was broadcast receiver 4G.

Viettel representative said the devices produced by this network has the same features and equipment by leading manufacturers in the world today.

The successful production of the broadcast receiver 4G helped Viettel became the first unit in Vietnam and is sixth in the world to produce 4G wave transceiver. At the same time, this is also seen as a breakthrough by Viettel expanded into the field of research and production.

10 IT event in the country in 2016 represented
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Collection of applications, tips featured last week

Collection beautiful wallpaper New Year 2017

2017 has come and if you are a technology lover, or simply want to also bring the atmosphere of the New Year on the computer that you use every day, then surely that can not be ignored gallery episode themed wallpaper beautiful new year 2017 AP has been introduced.

wallpaper collection with the theme of 2017 below includes the beautiful pictures and colorful figures in 2017 as well as pictures of chickens, animal of the year to come, inevitably makes you happy.

Download the full set of high-quality wallpaper with full size here .

Tip properly clean the refrigerator but not everyone knows

each family’s refrigerator where food preservation, keeping the refrigerator clean will not only ensure good food hygiene but also ensure the health of your family. So the toilet fridge is very necessary to do often.

However, not everyone is aware of how to properly. AP Video was introduced here will help you have the best standard of treatment option, helping fridge spotless and odorless hard worker? Emitted from the refrigerator.

professional software to help improve the speed of the Internet connection on the computer

There are many factors that affect the speed of the Internet connection on your computer, the most important is the connection speed is used. However, change the settings on Windows will also help improve the speed to connect to the Internet, because not always the default settings of Windows also enables system connection speed gain speed the most effective Internet connection.

Ashampoo Internet Accelerator (AIA) is software that enables analysis and performance optimization to improve the speed of the Internet connection on your computer with just a single click. Users need not have knowledge of the protocol or network to take steps to optimize, instead the software will automatically perform his job.

Readers can download the trial version of the software here then visit here land e-mail address into the box and click “Request full version key” to get free license code of the software.

Follow these steps have been AP introduced to enable the copyright and know how to use the software.

Automatic hardware driver updates to help your computer run smoother

Driver is the software by manufacturers of electronic components provided with the product, helps computer systems to identify devices attached to the computer on and what makes them. Over time, the manufacturer offers a new version of the device driver to help stabilize and operate more efficiently.

Driver Booster is software that is born to solve this problem. Driver Booster is a tool that allows automatic scanning of existing drivers on the system to determine if the driver is too old, since it will automatically download the corresponding driver update on a user’s computer.

Readers can download the free version of the software here then use the following code to activate the license: AEA62-9AB38- 55C75-339B4

See also instructions on how to activate the license as well as how to use the software was introduced Reuters here .

Tool helps handling and download high quality videos from Youtube

WinX HD Video Converter is software not only allows users to easily switch between different video file formats, but also allows users to download videos from Youtube and high quality specially created video files photo slideshow presentation with nice effects with just a few clicks.

With friendly interface and easy to use manner, WinX HD Video Converter allows users to easily convert video files to compatible mobile devices that they use. This allows even those who do not have the in-depth knowledge of computers can also easily use this software.

Readers can download the trial version has been specially integrated software license code here .

See also instructions on how to activate and use copyrighted software has been AP introduced

Collection of applications, tips featured last week
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10 Essential Accessories for Apple iPhone 7

Maybe you count yourself among the scores of lucky recipients of a new phone during the holiday season. I myself ended up upgrading to the new iPhone 7 Plus unexpectedly during the holidays after accidentally going into the ocean with my phone still in my pocket. In hindsight, foolishly but poetry to destroy a device, an unforced acts outdated.

Despite the hefty price of a replacement – and the final loss of the headphone jack – I was quite happy with the slow upgrade from my old iPhone ailing. Of course, this means I have become more interested individuals and investing in all varieties of options related to accessorizing my new iPhone, with the following list of the above design top of the list of functions and my fashion:

 kamerar-zoom "width =" 810 "height =" 514

1. KAMERAR ZOOM Lens Kit cho iPhone 7 Plus:

Dual camera iPhone 7 Plus has proven to be a significant improvement and significantly from the 6 Plus my ex, especially when shooting in RAW compatible imaging applications 3. But my party did is still wanted in a genre of photography: macro. This affordable add-on lens slide right on out there when desired, provide 10x magnification with 2 element lens.

2. iPhone Fuzzy Hardgraft 7:

Only clean obsessive need to apply to the iPhone case covered in a suede like material super soft, fuzzy


 twelvesouth-hirise2 "width =" 810 "height =" 568

3. TwelveSouth HiRISE 2:

As an owner of the original HiRISE, I can attest that most TwelveSouth terminals aesthetic complement Apple’s desktop and fee parking spot that I’ve owned. This new design weighs twice while requiring one-third less of a footprint, a refinement of an already good design.

 tag-sang trọng-da-sạc-cáp-by-địa-đoàn-04 "width =" 810 "height =" 623

4. Native Union cables TAG:

small leather tag repeat Native Association presented the look of the small type of the fashion brand tag adorn bags and luggage with. But this card is different, a TAG that hides a Lightning connector-to-USB charger inside, a high-tech accessories-in-disguise dress worthy of keeping looped into a handbag or backpack wherever you go.

 libratone-s5_in-ear_2880x1360_1 "width =" 810 "height =" 495

5. Q Adaptation Libratone Headphones:

The countless letters about Apple’s decision to dispose of the standard headphone jack ensure merit. I’m not super great pair my heart Sennheiser cans will not connect without (included) Lightning dongle. But moving forward, it gives me the opportunity to test some new optional headset, with noise-canceling models give Libratone activities in the ear at the top of my list for ergonomic design and iPhone-friendly features.

 vỏ hợp-iphone7 "width =" 810 "height =" 541

6. Peel ultra-thin iPhone Case 7:

The first two parts I immediately bought my new phone has a screen saver (I’ve had good experiences with Belkin ScreenForce Invisiglass since received a free sample at the end of the year CES) and received black blur my phone into a protective case. Peel can make the case most discreet and slim, all brand sans any unpleasant and unnecessary. It looks and feels almost nothing is there, but effectively keeps scratches at bay.

 thisisground-lupito "width =" 810 "height =" 553

7. Is land Lupito Craft Edition:

As a frequent traveler who needs to plug into an iPhone and iPad at the airport, hotels and anywhere I can find a way out, I’ve come to really appreciate the functionality fashion everything is designed premises. These skin conditions-a-majigs repeat small plug-in wire and keep my charger neatly stored between hunts outlet.

 mujjogloves-iphone7 "width =" 810 "height =" 540

8. Single Layered Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves:

I keep a pair of gloves confident this structure and compatible touch screen in my backpack wherever I go. Friendly touchscreen, the entire structure on their surface to improve adhesion, with a skin closure works great and looks the same as well, even children can Southern California appreciate the merits of a glove-compatible screen.

 killspencer-da-snap-hợp-cho-iphone-7-by-killspencer-image-2 "width =" 810 "height =" 540

9. Leather Snap Case KILLSPENCER:

For those prone to dropping their phones while taking a picture (or perhaps while sharing it while passing it along to friends), this leather case with integrated neck provide additional a bit of insurance. The leather case can be customized further with well nested font, add a stamp to recognize and distinguish more from the legions of other iPhone out there.

 khoảnh khắc iphone_7_plates "width =" 810 "height =" 554

10. Moment and Mount Lens System:

Hands down the best add-on for mobile photography lens, this lens system satisfied in this gadget and ends, act as advanced DLSR lens compared with competing miniature plastic cheap cash add-ons. If you are serious about traveling light with your phone as your main camera, quad Moment of macro, fisheye, wide and telephoto lens provides an option that does not compromise the ability of expansion improvements have been made to the impressive double lens plus iPhone 7 specifications.

10 Essential Accessories for Apple iPhone 7
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