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Israel killed young women in the first trip abroad

Never abroad, so when a friend planned to Bosporus River to welcome the New Year, Leanne Nasser had wanted to go with them. However, her father has prevented this plan because of the security situation unrest in the city of Istanbul.

Not the consent of the father, Nasser asked her Leanne is Layal Masarweh intervention. Then, four young girls Israelis to hang Istanbul and New Year at the restaurant Reina, which has both a nightclub and where the incident a terrorist attack.

Several hours before the New Year to catch the moment, Leanne Nasser posted a picture on social networks Snapchat. Ms. Layal Masarweh said: “Father insisted she objected to the Turkish plan. He said that the situation in Istanbul too dangerous and it should not go there. However, she keeps insisting everything will be fine “.

Only a few tens of minutes after the time of transfer between the two years, terrorists have a gun attack on Reina nightclub, which left 39 people dead and dozens others injured. In the “bloodbath” this, Nasser missing, while her friends are found.

Immediately after learning of the attack, Nasser’s father was arrested for the earliest flights to Turkey. He is the hope of the family of a bonanza for Nasser. It was a moment many of them hope that perhaps only the young girl was injured and was lying in a hospital recovery area.

Then, when the whole family is gathered at the house in the town of Tira, Nasser’s father phoned from Turkey. He was not calm enough to confirm the relics of her daughter and has asked her to check out. Still heart-shaped ring, necklace or stone studded silver purse, Ms. Layal Masarweh realized souvenirs of their grandchildren.

“I will never forgive myself. I was expecting a miracle if it can safeguard or as a way to preserve life. Now it was too late,” she Layal Masarweh share.

Nasser, 18-year-old young girl from the town of Tiran, had big plans for the future after graduating from high school in June this year. After some time working in a dental office, she is saving to buy one car and want to study to become a dentist. However, the first foreign trip tragic first trip was also her last.

Israel killed young women in the first trip abroad
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